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Trauma Scene Cleaning Perth

When an accident, suicide, or death happens in a home the parties involved are often subject the trauma created. Working with the family, individuals or businesses requires discretion and compassion from the professionals and technicians or anyone dealing with the parties involved. The burden of cleaning up the trauma, suicide or death scene can be overwhelming, and it is essential that this type of work is handled by professionals. Our goal at Crime Scene Cleaner Perth is to carry the trauma cleaning for families and individuals so they don’t have to go through the extra pressure and emotional task of cleaning up the Trauma Scene. Our bioremediation technicians ensure to carry out the work in a discrete and professional manner, to ensure no trace of the traumatic scene has happened before, and will proceed to clean, sanitise and restore the area to its original condition.

Deceased Estate Cleanup Perth

When someone close, a loved one or a colleague passes away, it is often very difficult to cope with mentally or emotionally, and in particular if the deceased was not attended to at the time of loss. Unattended Deaths occur when someone passes away in a property in isolation from various circumstances such as aging, and the body is left undiscovered for days, weeks and sometimes even months. The decomposing body leaves an uncomfortable smell that is often noticed by neighbours. What happens next is not often thought about, which is the cleaning of the affected premises. It is traumatic enough to deal with the death itself, and it makes the situation even more complicated to be involved in post death cleaning.

Families and businesses need a dependable and experienced company that can handle every aspect of the painful work for them and restore any affected area back to its original condition. These types of scenes can be contaminated with large amounts of blood and body fluids that may contain harmful bloodborne pathogens, including HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and such. Our Professional Specialised Cleaners in Deaths, Crime and Suicides will engage in a rigorous and multi-step process to remove all traces of biohazardous materials.

Our unattended death cleans up professionals clean, disinfect, and deodorize the impacted area to return your property to its safe and liveable condition.

Hoarder House Decluttering and Clear Out

Crime Scene Cleaner Perth professional Hoarder, Gross Filth and Squalor Clean Up technicians in some instances, have found rodent droppings, mould, insect infestations and even human waste or at worst, a dead body of the hoarder himself. All of these a significant health risk without appropriate protective gear and must be cleaned and decontaminated.When Trauma Cleaning biohazard remediation technicians enter a hoarder cleaning or gross filth property, we understand the nature of the disorder and the inability of hoarders to sometimes recognise the issue. People with hoarding issues cannot see it as a problem, making the treatment very difficult and as a result, our technicians work in making them part of the solution. During the disposal process, we safeguard all the items with either perceived or real value. Some of the most common items we help our clients keep including collectables, family photographs, cash, insurance policies, antiques and jewellery. The goal of our Hoarder Cleaning, Squalor and Gross Filth Cleaning technicians is to ensure that no clutter is left behind. As an accredited and insured biohazard disposal and remediation company, we can provide complete solutions for hoarding scenes.