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Crime Scene Cleaners Perth provides the specialised know how to handle any bio-remediation situation in Perth and Western Australia. Skilled biological remediation technicians deal with an extensive range of biological, hazardous and forensic clean ups on a daily basis and have the skills to restore or remediate all infectious scenes to make safe and remove odour for habitation.

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Crime Scene Cleaners Perth brings extensive expertise in addressing accident clean ups and biohazard clean ups across the state

There is never an easy time to deal with crime scene, trauma, and biohazard clean-ups. If a loved one, family member, or you have fallen victim to a crime in Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury, Esperance, Geraldton, Margaret River, Exmouth, Karratha, Port Headland, Broome and all regions in Western Australia, Crime Scene Cleaners Perth is here to assist.

Our services include:

  • Blood scene cleaning
  • Crime scene cleaning
  • Homicide scene cleaning
  • Suicide scene cleaning
  • Meth lab cleaning
  • Biohazard cleaning

Crime Scene Cleaners Perth bring extensive experience and expertise in addressing the situation in which an accident clean-up and biohazard clean up may be required across the state.

At Crime Scene Cleaners Perth, we are here to help you in this time of stress specialising in crime scene clean ups and biohazard remediation so you don’t have to. The area of a contamination you have experienced needs to be cleaned, disinfected and sanitised of all bio-hazards. Our team of trained, qualified and experienced crime scene clean up technicians are certified to ensure the bio-affected area is completely sanitised.

As a professional crime scene and accident scene clean up company that has a strong track record in performing blood scene cleanings, Crime Scene Cleaners Perth technicians understand what kinds of questions to ask and what kinds of solutions to use to preserve a crime scene and sanitise the site of an accident clean-up or blood scene clean-up, crime scene clean up, suicide scene clean up, odour clean-up and biohazard remediation.

When confronted with the serious environmental and safety task of making sure that an accident scene is handled correctly the best response is to talk to Crime Scene Cleaners Perth. Our professional staff will ensure that the remediation is completed in a fashion that not only takes care of those considerations but also protects you from any liability issues in the future.