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Toilet Overflow? Drain Backed Up? Call Crime Scene Cleaners Perth before it becomes a toxic and biohazard contaminated mess.

Crime Scene Cleaners Perth emergency Sewage Spill Clean Up specialists provide a prompt remediation service. Whether caused by clogged drain lines or heavy rain, sewage damage can rapidly contaminate a household, give off toxic fumes and cause illness.

Equipped with advanced sewage-removal technology including HEPA air scrubbers, drying equipment and anti-microbial agents, our highly trained sewage contamination and sewage spill mitigation technicians will quickly remove and clean all contaminated areas.


The 3 Types of Sewage Water Contamination

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When sewage or water has entered your home due to a flood, severe rainstorm, clogged pipes or broken sewer lines, it must be cleaned up before contaminants can begin to spread throughout your property

All types of sewage contain viruses, bacteria and harmful microbes, but some are worse than others.

Category 1

The most common sewage leak is Category 1. It’s liquid from a clean source, including faucets, toilet tanks, leaky water pipes and water coolers. It can turn into category 2 or 3 if not treated quickly.

Category 2

Also known as grey water, this liquid contains contaminants known to cause illness, discomfort and disease. It’s usually found from leaking or faulty sources including toilet overflows, not including faeces, dishwasher or washing machine overflow, and flush from sink drains.

Category 3

This type of sewage spill is the nastiest and foulest offender and can cause severe illness or even death. Known as black water, its sources include sewer backup, flooding from rivers or streams, toilet overflow with faeces, and stagnant water that has begun to support bacterial growth.


Why use Crime Scene Cleaners Perth for your Sewage and Water Restoration Needs

Homeowners are advised to only utilise appropriately trained and certified sewage remediation technicians. It is not safe to remain in any building that has been contaminated with sewage unless the contaminated area has been fully sealed off and the air into and out of the contaminated area is fully controlled. Crime Scene Cleaners Perth technicians decontaminating sewage leaks and water inundation are properly vaccinated due to the quantity of disease-causing viruses, bacteria and fungi normally present in sewage or flood water leak.