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For many people, their place of employment is like a second home where they have friends, where people support personal and professional growth and where they feel safe. Like anywhere else, however, the workplace environment can pose significant health and safety risks. What are Workplace OH&S Risks Safety hazards. Spills, tripping ... Read More
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When somebody dies, particularly if not found for weeks or even months, an unpleasant odour can be left behind. This odour permeates contents and structural elements of the property and can be difficult to remove. The lingering odour and airborne bacteria that a decomposing body produces can ruin ... Read More
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Nothing can be more worrying than to find a ceiling water stain. Every time you look up, your eyes just end up wandering back to that ugly spot. And if you’re like many property owners, it will bug you until it’s fixed. But what’s more important is figuring out what caused ... Read More
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Forensic Cleaning deals with the sanitisation of biological agents that can cause illness, injury, and death in living organisms. This includes animal and human blood and bodily tissues, viruses, bacteria, parasites and faecal matter. What may seem like a localised and harmless cleaning job or contamination can be severely misleading. ... Read More
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Biohazard materials are generally defined as biological materials that contain harmful substances including viruses, bacteria, mould, parasites, and others that can lead to infection or disease as well as damage to the natural environment.   Biohazard Clean Up Services in Perth When blood or other bodily fluids are left at the scene of ... Read More
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Toilet Overflow? Drain Backed Up? Call Crime Scene Cleaners Perth before it becomes a toxic and biohazard contaminated mess. Crime Scene Cleaners Perth emergency Sewage Spill Clean Up specialists provide a prompt remediation service. Whether caused by clogged drain lines or heavy rain, sewage damage can rapidly contaminate a household, give ... Read More
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After the death of a loved one, regardless of the cause of death, grieving individuals will experience distressing emotions. Immediately following the death, bereaved individuals often experience feelings of numbness, shock, and denial. For some, this denial is adaptive as it provides a brief respite from the pain, allowing time and ... Read More
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Crime Scene Cleaners Perth provides the specialised know how to handle any bio-remediation situation in Perth and Western Australia. Skilled biological remediation technicians deal with an extensive range of biological, hazardous and forensic clean ups on a daily basis and have the skills to restore or remediate all infectious scenes to ... Read More
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